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To the regular student of architecture, Journalism may seem as a largely outlandish field. It is, however, largely untapped as a source of intellect. It is this source that we look to explore through this maiden venture.
Essays in Architecture is a competition aimed at students who have shown a flair for writing, and display an ability to articulate ideas in written format. It has been conceived with the thought that the expression of thought and ideas can be done with the help of the written word, and not just the time-tested methods of architects.
As a maiden venture in South India, we hope to establish this event as a standard for exemplary literary output. It is also hoped that this competition will encourage students to think beyond the conventional roles that architecture as a profession has offered thus far.



  • Long Essay Category: Two Cash Prizes (Rs 25,000 each); One Special Mention (Certificate)

  • Short Essay Category: Two Cash Prizes (Rs 25,000 each); One Special Mention (Certificate)

  • The four Winning Essays will be published in Architecture+Design



Architecture and Technology have been pivotal segments for shaping the habitat for the future. While the architecture of everyday things is an output of creative technological thought processes, the architecture of technology is a result of a streamlined creative process with a target output in question. In both these arguments, what remains constant is the need for a good design and a stable process.

There are, however, conflicting schools of thought, which believe that creative processes cannot be generated through a standardized technological process: the results obtained would be programmatic and standardized, as against being unique. It is essential for students of architecture, as well as practitioners and academicians to determine whether there is a necessity to adapt established technological practices to architecture, or if there is a need to generate new processes integrating technological advances.

It also behoves us to negotiate such technological progress so that it may be leveraged towards improving spatial and humanistic values, as opposed to being an endless pursuit of technology for the sake of technology which creates a society crippled by a Digital Stockholm syndrome.

Taking a position about this theme, the arguments can be established on either of the following topics

  1. Timeless Architecture with Dated Technology?

Evaluating the impact and influence of the existing technology on the shaping of the future city, and the need, if any, for newer technologies

2.The Dark Side of Technology

Evaluating the utility or perhaps the over reliance of mankind upon technology in shaping our spaces and design of everyday things.

The theme hopes to explore motifs of both a utopian and a dystopian nature. It is eventually hoped that the students attempting the essay competition will learn the nuances of applying architecture with technology.

The argument can be presented in either of the following ways:

  1. A Long Essay of 2500 words; the body of the essay be inclusive of an abstract of 250 words, and a summary/conclusion based upon the body

  2. A Short Essay of 1000 words; the body of the essay should contain a summary/conclusion based upon the body




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